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The Pregnant Crossfitter – What To Look Out For!

I am pretty excited, My wife is pregnant with our first child, a baby girl!  (See Picture Below) Both my wife and I have been into Crossfit for several years and once she got pregnant ...

Bad Ass Boston Hot Dogs

Boston Hot Dogs The Official Hot Dog Tray – Can’t Get Much Better       Image Source Boston Chili Dog     Image Source 3 Boston Dogs Image Source Boston ...

Tables And Cats – Excellent Combo

Cat Tables   SOURCE

Disney Character Cupcakes

Disney Character Cupcakes   Image Source    Image Source   Image Source \ Image Source Image Source  

Crossfit Pull Ups Are Not Real Pull Ups

Why Does Everyone Think A Kipping Pull Up ‘Isn’t A Pull Up?” They are not easy and allow you to be more natural in your movement.  Those who mock these should give ...

Stuff Your Beef With Prosciutto And Eat It

Beef Braciole There is certainly nothing wrong with this savory dish!  A little rolled beef covered in tomato sauce.   These slow-cooked beef rolls stuffed with proscuitto and ...
Do You Chalk At Your Box?

Do You Chalk At Your Box?

Wait Forgot To Chalk! This was too funny!  Hopefully you enjoy and Don’t forget to tag someone at your box who is a Chalk-a-holic!

BBQ With A Kick Of Citrus

Grilled Chicken with Nectarine BBQ Sauce   INGREDIENTS For the chicken: 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken ...

The Lawsuit That Could Cripple Crossfit

Is Crossfit in trouble? I seriously doubt it! If you have ever been into the box you know that there are good and bad things going on.  First you have those athletes who have been ...
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